Press Release

Nanosonics Announces Commercial Availability of trophon2 High Level Disinfection System in the United Kingdom

New Device Reduces Risk of Ultrasound Probe Cross-Infection and is Safe for Environment.

Risks of Improper Ultrasound Probe Reprocessing

Clinical evidence is highlighting the risks relating to disinfection of ultrasound probes.

The Importance of High Level Disinfection for Ultrasound Probes

High Level Disinfection: Why, What and When.

Nanosonics Company and Technology Background

Facts about the company and the ground breaking trophon technology.

Company Fact Sheet

Company facts, media resources and enquiries.

Executive Management Contacts for the United Kingdom

Biographies for the key company personnel for the United Kingdom.


Click here to download zip file of Nanosonics’ trophon images.