Nanosonics Study Day 6th April 2022

We are pleased to share with you a copy of each speaker’s education presentation

What is Decontamination

Niamh O’Callaghan, Hospital Sterile Services Clinical Nurse Manager and Decontamination Lead, Ireland

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When decontamination goes wrong - why we need a validated process

Wayne Spencer, Authorising Engineer Decontamination, Spencer Nickson Ltd

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A clinical user's viewpoint

Dr. Peter Cantin, Consultant Sonographer, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

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Traceability - Our Last Line of Defence

John Prendergast, Authorised Decontamination Engineer, Wales

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Probing questions - Introducing the IP Toolkit

Linda Cooper, Decontamination Project Lead, Northern Ireland

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Risk mitigation with the IP Toolkit

Helen Campbell, Decontamination Consultant, England

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