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Optimal Patient Care

To support optimal patient care
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Optimal Patient Care

To support optimal patient care

Nanosonics AuditPro™ is a digitised traceability and infection control management solution that helps support best practice patient care. 

Intuitive Infection Control Management System 

  • Automated trophon2® device integration for complete digital traceability 
  • Digital logbook eliminates need for manual processes and saves time 
  • Traceability data is readily available through intuitive dashboards and can be easily searched or filtered 
  • Probe-tracking and inventory management 
  • Real-time, remove and multi-site monitoring. 

Unique System allowing integration into clinical workflows at point-of-care 

  • Mobile application at patient point-of-care 
  • Built-in Spaulding Classification framework for continuous staff training and correct disinfection guideline adherence 
  • No IT system integration required. 

Standardise staff infection prevention practices 

  • Every ultrasound user, regardless of experience or department, is guided through the same process 
  • Routine infection control decisions embedded for all ultrasound procedures in line with facility SOP 
  • Reduces risk of error, particularly during times of high staff turnover 
  • Reduces burden of ongoing staff training 
  • Elevates staff competency. 

Support best practice patient care 

  • Meets traceability requirements 
  • Easy to apply traceability to all disinfection levels including low level disinfection 
  • GDPR compliant 
  • Ultimately helps to reduce the risk of patient healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). 

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