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Streamlined Workflow

Point of care (POC) reprocessing and so much more.
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Streamlined Workflow

Point of care (POC) reprocessing and so much more.

The trophon®2 devices streamline your high level disinfection (HLD) processes with an integrated POC workflow. Automated POC reprocessing with trophon devices simplifies ultrasound workflows, takes up less time, space and resources than alternatives. This enables other clinical settings – such as outpatient and primary care – to introduce ultrasound procedures that might otherwise be impractical.

The trophon technology makes reprocessing in the patient environment (point of care) possible.

  • Flexible installation options, the trophon2 devices have been designed to be placed in patient examination rooms.
  • Minimal hands-on time, the trophon2 devices free up your time for enhanced patient workflow.

A Safer Solution for Patients, Clinicians and the Environment

The trophon2 devices reduces the need for PPE and mitigates the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals, fumes and spills that are often associated with wipes and soaks.

  • Enclosed system with an easy-close door that automatically seals tight
  • Enclosed disinfectant cartridge that is safe to handle with gloves
  • No special ventilation requirements
  • Environmentally friendly by-products (primarily water and oxygen) for safe and easy disposal.

Achieving Consistent HLD Every Cycle

With enhanced usability and touch screen interface, the trophon2 devices navigate users through the disinfection process, ensuring staff members deliver consistent HLD of ultrasound probes with confidence.

To further aid probe compatibility, the trophon2 devices offer the following:

  • Universal cable clamp which is compatible with a wider range of cable diameters*
  • Hassle-free Integrated Probe Positioner (IPP) fitted inside the trophon2 device

*Compared to the trophonEPR device.

The trophon family includes trophon EPR and trophon2 which share the same core technology of 'sonically activated' hydrogen peroxide.

Total Reprocessing Solution