The unknown risk of ultrasound probes and how to mitigate



The decontamination of ultrasound probes is essential to help reduce the risk of contracting a healthcare-associated infection. Helen discusses important considerations for facilities looking to implement ultrasound probe decontamination best practices. These include cleaning, disinfection or sterilization according to the Spaulding classification, compatibility between probe and cleaning/disinfection products, reprocessing location and staff training programs.

Helen also presents research demonstrating patient infection risk from improperly decontaminated endocavitary and surface probes, and the risks from relying on probe covers to replace proper decontamination. Helen presents the Ultrasound Infection Prevention (IP) Toolkit, developed by herself and a group of her fellow decontamination and infection prevention experts, to help facilities looking to standardise implementation of ultrasound IP best practices. Helen provides an overview of the Tools, with an in depth walk through of how to use Tool 3, Risk Assessment. Access the Ultrasound IP Toolkit here.

About Helen Campbell

Helen Campbell is highly experienced in the field of decontamination management and is currently a decontamination educator and consultant working in England. She is director of education at the biggest professional body for medical device reprocessing in the United Kingdom. Helen is part of the team of seven experts in decontamination and infection prevention who have developed the IP Toolkit.