Ayrshire & Arran Health Board

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Ayrshire &Arran Health Board

Evalann Gavin

Job Title
Deputy Charge Nurse

Q. Prior to implementing trophon what HLD method were you using?
A. Single-use wipes

Q. What do you like most about using the trophon machine compared to your previous method
A. It seems to be a more robust system of work and less chance of human error

Q. What are the main benefits your organisation has seen since implementing trophon?
A. Less waste, frees up member of staff to perform other duties whilst Trophon is processing the probes.

Q. How have Nanosonics supported you, from installation and afterwards?
A. Yes

Q. Would you recommend trophon to others? (why?)
A. Yes, its a good system and important for traceability, more reliable than the wipe system.