The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Customer Profiles

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Anne Day

Job Title
Deputy Ultrasound manager

Q. Prior to implementing trophon what HLD method were you using?
A. 3 step wipe system

Q. What do you like most about using the trophon machine compared to your previous method
A. Easy to use - no human error as automated so reliable disinfecting each time

Q. What are the main benefits your organisation has seen since implementing trophon?
A. Time, safety no horrible chemicals and reliable disinfecting.

Q. How have Nanosonics supported you, from installation and afterwards?
A. We were all trained prior to installation. Equipment easy to use. Lisa is excellent always looks after us well. Steven is a great engineer always very helpful.

Q. Would you recommend trophon to others? (why?)
A. Yes - good all round equipment easy to use and as I have said before reliable disinfecting.