Velindre Cancer Centre

Customer Profiles

Velindre Cancer Centre

Simon Lawrence

Job Title
Quality and Safety Manager Radiology

Q. Prior to implementing trophon what HLD method were you using?
A. Single-use wipes

Q. What do you like most about using the trophon machine compared to your previous method
A. Documented and assured.

Q. What are the main benefits your organisation has seen since implementing trophon?
A. Assured for audit and patient safety

Q. How have Nanosonics supported you, from installation and afterwards?
A. Servicing, repair, online training, responsive and engaging

Q. Would you recommend trophon to others? (why?)
A. Yes. Easy, Assured, simple to operate, robust, responsive company.

Q. Do you have any additional comments?
A. I like it and its easy Fire and forget once set up is time saving