Introducing the latest innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection

to reduce risk

to improve efficiency

to increase compliance

to increase audit-readiness

to simplify data access

Smart Protection

trophon2 delivers protection for patients, staff and the environment to reduce risk

Protects Patients
Reduces the risk of ultrasound probe related cross infection in your facility.

  • Offers effective bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal protection1
  • Ensures consistent and reproducible high level disinfection. Be reassured you are protecting your patients while meeting ultrasound probe high level disinfection guidelines and standards1-7

Protects Staff
Prevents exposure to hazardous chemicals, fumes and spills.

  • Sealed system with automatic door locking and sealed disinfectant cartridge
  • Enclosed chemical indicator. No manual test strips

Protects Environment
Environmentally friendly by-products for safe and easy disposal.

  • Recyclable disinfectant cartridges and greater than 70% recyclable components
  • Patented system breaks down the disinfectant primarily into oxygen and water with a small discharge tray for easy disposal of by-products

Smart Flexibility

trophon2 streamlines set-up, can be customised to your workflow and has extensive probe compatibility to improve efficiency

Place at point of care and setup in a wide range of locations, on a bench, on a mobile cart or on a wall mount.  There’s no need for sink/plumbing or special ventilation and no open chemicals that could spill.

  • Whisper quiet disinfection cycle, perfect for use at point of care
  • Compact size – fits in examination rooms

Configure trophon2 to your unique needs so it is always ready when you are.

  • Sleep timer: Enters power-saving mode when not in use. Adjust in hourly increments or option to turn off
  • Daily warm up: Adjustable ‘wake up’ times for each day, so it is ready to start when your day begins

Probe compatibility
Over 1,000 probes are compatible for use with trophon2 from all ultrasound probe manufacturers.

  • Extensive testing: In conjunction with probe manufacturers who give final approval
  • Easy to check if your probe is compatible for use with trophon2
  • Universal cable clamp: compatible with a wide range of cable diameters 3mm-15mm
  • Chamber shape: better fit for curved probes with a hassle free integrated probe positioner

Smart Functionality

trophon2 enhances user experience so you can perform high level disinfection simply, automatically, and with confidence to increase compliance

Enhances user experience

  • Simple to use with a Large 7” touchscreen with animations to navigate you through the disinfection process
  • Colour-coded touch points for streamlined workflows
  • Soft close door that automatically seals tight
  • Easy Access to trophon2 menu and setup screen
  • Future ready: Platform allows new functionality to be introduced through firmware upgrades

Smart Traceability

AcuTrace™ simplifies the creation of accurate digital records, all stored on your trophon2 to increase audit-readiness

AcuTrace-enabled accessories and consumables contain RFID chips with stored digital information. Electronic data capture eliminates hand-written records and reduces manual error.

Large internal memory stores up to 100,000 disinfection records to simplify record keeping.

Easy access to stored disinfection records on screen, download to a USB, or integrate with your network.

Smart Integration

AcuTrace™ PLUS delivers an upgradable option to seamlessly connect trophon2s to your hospital information system to simplify data access


Once connected, all disinfection records are centrally stored and accessible to the rest of your hospital IT system.


Lets you link disinfection data to patient Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). You can also customise data access to monitor all networked trophon2s throughout your facility.


Parametric Release provides extra reassurance. Monitor critical process parameters in real time:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Dosage

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